Saturday, 21 July 2012

Male Greeting Cards

Making cards is a lot of fun but one of the main problems with this craft is making suitable male cards. It is very easy to make cards for females and children as there are an abundance of stuff available. However trying to make manly cards particularly for older men is not only difficult but limited in what designs you can use, often falling into cliché! However recently I have been lucky enough to find some new designs that were workable and I wanted to show off some of the finished results. I still have more to make but here are a few of the ones so far!

As mentioned in the previous blog we are taking a break from Craft Fairs for July, but we are still doing our own crafts. We have another craft fair in August and we are both hoping to have some new stuff to display. No 2 is busy working on quilts and knitting while I have a new range of female cards as well as the male cards to make.
As soon as we have some more stuff to show you we will put some photos on here. Also don't forget to check out our Facebook page either!


No 1

Sunday, 1 July 2012


Throughout July we are taking a break from going to craft fairs, due to other commitments. However this does not mean we are not doing any Crafty Claires stuff. In fact far from it! We are currently working on rebranding and trying to finish the design for our new website so we can finally get it online. Its taken longer than anticipated but we hope to finish it very soon. When we are ready to launch it, we will of course let you know on the blog too!

One of the hold ups has been sorting out a new logo. This seemingly simple task has actually taken us ages and we were starting to think we would never find something suitable. However over the last few days we have had a bit of a breakthrough and we are delighted to report we finally have a new logo! Yay! So here it is. (This is a bit of an exclusive as nobody has seen it yet, so this is its first "official" outing!).

Ta dah! So what do you think? Cool huh? We wanted to incorporate the many different aspects of Crafty Claires as well as being creative and fun. We think it is very cool and are looking forward to using it on a more regular basis and seeing it on the aforementioned website. 

As well as working on the website we are also carrying on with our many crafts. No 2 is currently working on another baby quilt as well as her knitting. She recently finished making some fabulous patchwork bags and a patchwork cushion that sold as soon as it was put out. She also keeps promising to make some more of her felt bags which went down so well when she made them previously. On top of this No 2 is also looking at expanding her craft range into a dog range. Once she has started making some things we will put some pictures on here for you to see. 

As for No 1 she has been busy making male greetings cards for the recent Fathers Day and male birthdays. She has also been trying to diversify the design of her cards to suit a much more varied market, while also making cards for a few upcoming family birthdays and a recent Get Well Soon card for a very brave young man who had an operation on his lip. She is also continuing to work on a lovely range of knitted baby cards with No 2's Nana. The framed decoupage is also still an option but so far has not had much interest. 

Both of us are always looking at ways to expand and diversify our range while also developing our own craft kits. We are both creative people and ideas can strike in the strangest of places. The starter for ten is usually when one of us says to the other, "I have had an idea......."! Thats when we know we're in trouble!! 

We will be back to doing Craft Fairs in August when hopefully the weather will have finally realised its suppose to be summer, which doesn't just mean sunshine but also not much rain, no gale force winds and warmer temperatures!