Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Time passes quickly

We haven't forgotten our readers! Things have been so busy in our lives that we haven't been able to keep up with anything.
Claire 1 is working hard on her dissertation and i am working hard on being a full time mum, running around with daughter to gym and all the accompanying things for children.

We are working hard on organising another Craft fair, and have a couple of fairs booked and stall holders too. We have our Winchelsea one that we did last year. And Brede we did for the first time last year and had fun so we have booked that again in Nov.

 A new one for us is Parkhurst Hall in our town, this is in August and for a local group called Special Kids. They are a support group for families who have children with special needs. We have booked 2 tables and Mo Makes (my lovely mum) and Nanna's Knits (my nanna) will be having a table each too. They will be there with jams and knitting. WE have our little family of crafting going on and its great to be doing events together. Hopefully it will be successful for us and the support group.

We will be doing our best to stop by and update with our latest antic and craft attempts.
In the meantime its back to ideas and making for me.

C2 x