Tuesday, 12 June 2012


Crafty Claires has recently started working on quilts. This has included quilted bags as well as small baby quilts.  We are also currently working on another quilting idea which we will tell you all about really soon.

This is the very gorgeous Tigger baby quilt!

When I say we have been working on quilts, in actual fact the majority of the work has been done by No 2. She is the seamstress. No 1's involvement was mainly helping chose the fabric and helping to pin the patches together for the quilted bags. Beyond that it was words of encouragement and "oooing" and "ahhing" at how good they were looking! No 2 keeps threatening that No 1 will be doing more sewing stuff soon but for the time being I think it best if No 1 sticks to her papercraft! Not that I am biased or anything!

Another baby quilt is on its way. This time its a Beatrix Potter design, as well as more patchwork items and more information on our other quilting plans!

More photos will follow soon as we are always working on craft stuff and finding new ways to expand the Crafty Claires range.

Friday, 1 June 2012

My First Attempts at Iris Folding

At Christmas my Mum gave me a large goody box filled with individually wrapped craft presents! There were many gorgeous treasures for embossing, stamping, decoupage, as well as card stock, backing papers, glitter glue etc etc.
Amongst these wonderful things were two Iris paper folding kits and papers. I had seen Mum's iris folding cards but had never had a go myself and it was on my list of things to try hence why Mum included them in the box. As I have been so busy since Christmas with museums, dissertation and craft fairs I have only recently got a chance to have a go. Here are some photos of my first attempts!

I really enjoyed the paper folding part and was very impressed with the finished effect. However I did find it difficult to finish off the rest of the card and find different ways of doing it. In all the examples I could find they had used peel offs to create borders and decorate the edges. I wasn't too keen and thought that looked a bit plain, so I have tried experimenting with different ways of finishing them off including embellishments and beads, glitter glue and the odd peel off.

I am not 100% satisfied with the finished cards however other people have been delighted with them, so perhaps I am just being too hard on myself. Anyway now you have seen the photos you can decide for yourself!


No 1

More Cards from No 1

Due to need and demand I have been trying to expand my range of cards! Here are some photos of my latest New Baby cards, and Male Birthday.

These New Baby cards with the very sweet knitted booties on are a joint project between myself and No 2's Nana. I made three originally which she was very impressed with and has asked me to do more. So she does the complicated knitted part and I turn them into gorgeous new baby cards. 

I will share more creations soon!

No 1