Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Craft Fairs Galore!

Christmas is coming and the Crafty Claires are working hard! 

We are extremely busy at the moment working on building up our craft stocks as we have just started a run of 5 craft fairs back to back which will take us from Armistice to two weeks before Christmas! 

We are both busy making our individual crafts. No 1 has started working on a new selection of Christmas cards including wobbly rocker cards, and her more usual decoupage delights!

Meanwhile No 2 has been trying to make more knitted items and bags. She has also promised to make some more felt bags which went down so brilliantly before. 

If this wasn't busy enough No 2 has also been working on the new Crafty Claires range for Cats & Dogs. Yes, that's right we are launching a new pet range! It is totally cool. No 2 has made some lovely fleece patchwork blankets. They come in three different sizes; small, medium and large. They can also be made to order in your choice of colours and size depending on the size of your dog or cat!

 If you want something more pampered for your pet we also do quilted patchwork fleece dog/cat blankets. Again these come in the three different sizes and can be made to order in the colours of your choice. We will post some photos of these lovely blankets soon.

 Another pet product is a pet-sized microwavable hot cushions. Again these come with a fleece cover and are fabulous for keeping your beloved pets warm in the winter. They are particularly ideal for bringing comfort to puppies and kittens or soothing the joints of older animals. Like the blankets they come in a variety of sizes and can be made to order.

They are also suitable for human use to!

Shelby Stormchi trying out a new
Crafty Claires Tuggy Toy!
As well as cushions and blankets for dogs and cats, we have also started making tuggy toys for dogs! No 2 became the very proud new Mummy of a gorgeous long haired Chihuahua puppy this summer who absolutely loves these toys, so she thought they might appeal to other dogs too. They come in a variety of sizes and colours, suitable for the smallest pooch to the largest hound. These products have been tested on a variety of breeds including Chihuahuas, Staffs and Jack Russell terriers.

Here is a photo of the gorgeous Shelby Stormchi (sister of No 2's gorgeous fluff ball) testing her pink & purple tuggy. More photos of our new pet range will follow soon.

So for now we are busy cutting out patchwork squares, making tuggy toys, sewing, knitting and card-making! We are still working on getting our website online and hope to bring you some good news on this really soon.

P.s: Don't forget we are also organising a craft fair for local non-for-profit organisation Jack's Dream on 24th November! Please come along and show your support!

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