Saturday, 21 July 2012

Male Greeting Cards

Making cards is a lot of fun but one of the main problems with this craft is making suitable male cards. It is very easy to make cards for females and children as there are an abundance of stuff available. However trying to make manly cards particularly for older men is not only difficult but limited in what designs you can use, often falling into cliché! However recently I have been lucky enough to find some new designs that were workable and I wanted to show off some of the finished results. I still have more to make but here are a few of the ones so far!

As mentioned in the previous blog we are taking a break from Craft Fairs for July, but we are still doing our own crafts. We have another craft fair in August and we are both hoping to have some new stuff to display. No 2 is busy working on quilts and knitting while I have a new range of female cards as well as the male cards to make.
As soon as we have some more stuff to show you we will put some photos on here. Also don't forget to check out our Facebook page either!


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