Saturday, 4 August 2012


Crafty Claires have got another craft fair next weekend which we are starting to get ready for. Whenever we do craft fairs it is never just the two of us. We are always joined by No 2's Mum and Nana. They make wonderful jams and chutneys, as well as various beautiful knitted items. We usually have three stalls between us although this weekend it will be only two as the jams and chutneys will be staying at home.

No 2's Mum has come up with her own brand and business for her knitted crafts which she is calling Mo-Makes. Of course Mo-Makes is affiliated with Crafty Claires and we would like to help promote her wonderful stuff. As well as making beautiful knitted jackets such as this circular knitted jacket she also makes other things including lovely soft baby blankets.

If these were not special enough she has also just started to make knitted jackets for dogs. They look super cute and Crafty Claires hope to bring you some photos of these soon. She is also taking orders and is eager to develop this range so if anyone is interested please leave a message on this blog and we can pass it on!

She has also started a Facebook page called Mo-Makes which is well worth checking out. If you wish to contact her directly for any interest in either dog jackets, or baby blankets and baby and children's knitted items then you can use the Facebook page to do this too.

As I said at the start Mo-Makes will be available at certain local Craft Fairs as well as Crafty Claires, so why not come and see us when we are next at a craft fair!

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